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Suggest me I am trying to forget my past but it keeps on...

Look I'm gonna tell u how if u wanna do sth u should believe in it first, like this case, believe that the past is gone, u don't need it, it the worst thing in world, wake up everyday and say it's such a great day to be alive, enjoy your life every moment on it, try to not care neither about past nor about futur, try to be honest with yourself, be positive be optimist don't be nestolgic, focus on what ur doing me personally i live everyday by it's own day, read qouts right them too positive thoughts positive vibes positive energy, one thing try to talk with yourself try to look at the mirror and say I'm good person I'm beautiful I'm handsome I'm respectful, I love myself, I'm well educated, I'm strong enough, I'm smart enough, I'm brave enough, believe me if you change your thinking you will live like prince, you are amazing trust me just be confident, if you are looking for the person who will change your life look at the mirror ♥♥
all the best.......
learning to forgive yourself and write down what you want to focus on then read it out loud everyday until uh. believe it ,soon ur life will change .u won't forget ur past but it won't be what ur focused on.
This is the most biggest mistake people make because you can never forget your past because it is where you grow,mature and make better choices and you better understand yourself and your behavior towards certain situations,but the best thing that you can do is just try not to let it happen again and try to move on from that negative space and see the positive in that traumatic experience, like you made it out alive and you are breathing, be grateful for that
Avoid being alone all the time every day, staying alone sometimes makes your mind to remember every bad or good about your past.
Try to be with people (those who were not part of every bad thing that happened to you in the past). Travel and Meet new friends.
You will therefore move on and find a better version of yourself