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Question How to stop feeling guilty

Feeling guilty

No medical test, X-ray or ultrasound in the world can diagnose this disease because it is not a physical disease. Psychologists call it a mental illness, but it eats away at the mind as well as the soul. This disease is called guilt. Almost every human being suffers from this disease but not every human being can cope with it and this disease licks it inside like a termite. The question is, how does this disease make us its victims? The answer is that we all set our own standards of self-examination and measurement, and when we do not meet them, we become guilty in front of our own eyes. This feeling of guilt drops us in our eyes and our whole personality is destroyed. Let's first learn how self-measuring standards are formed.

Anthropology is the knowledge of human attitudes and moods. It tells us that "learning" is part of our instincts. We are acquiring knowledge consciously or unconsciously. This knowledge may be right or wrong, but we are also correcting the wrong knowledge we have learned and this process creates a problem. The knowledge we learn in our lives, the phrases we are influenced by and the things we hear from someone we are influenced by; it all gives rise to our beliefs and our beliefs, the standards and Make the principles by which we have to examine and test ourselves and others. Knowledge that builds standards and principles usually comes from four sources.

Our parents are the first source of our knowledge. The role and knowledge of the mother affects us more than the father and the mother. Because we are the only creatures in the world who have to spend a lot of time with their mother. Our parents support us in the early days of our lives. Therefore, we also trust them and fully believe in the knowledge they have given and explained. Parents' literature and respect have their place, but their knowledge and awareness is not necessarily acceptable. Remember knowledge makes things easier. In contrast, ignorance breeds difficulties and troubles. The gallbladder that many people suffer from is due to the knowledge learned in the early days of life. This gilt becomes the heaviest burden of their lives and suppresses their caste and abilities. According to psychologists, this gilt is a bit difficult to manage.
The second knowledge of our life is connected with society and society. We all have different social circles and these circles add to our knowledge. The region and the neighborhood, the city and the country all have their own ways and customs. The knowledge gained from them also gives us standards and principles. These principles tempt us to test and try, and when we examine ourselves, if we do not live up to them, we fall prey to guilt or guilt. Sometimes we get gulped down by the sarcasm and jokes of the people around us. We start to feel guilty about the lies and negative statements made by others and this process becomes an obstacle in the way of our progress.

Our religion is a great source of knowledge in our lives. As children, we read the Qur'an in Arabic and do not read its translation. This does not convey the true meaning of the Qur'an to us. Most of us have read the hadiths as much as they are written in the book of theology and we also remember them to pass in the pamphlet. Instead of studying the Qur'an and Hadith ourselves, we rely entirely on the Friday sermon, and thus the incomplete knowledge of Islam turns into the imperfection of our caste. If we become more aware of the "scene of death" and "what will happen after death?", We forget that God is merciful and compassionate. Not believing in the concept of mercy creates a terrible glitch in us. Instead of hitting us all at once, it keeps strangling us every day.

This is a serious question, why are we not ashamed to sin and why are we ashamed to repent?
We watch TV and read the newspaper every day. They often read the advertisements on the walls. The advertisement on TV, newspaper and on the wall is made in such a way that the viewer is impressed. All this is done to create 'buyers' and we not only become buyers but also become a good 'victim'. This source of knowledge changes our standards and standards. We sometimes consider it an honor to smoke and to drink pure milk is a source of disease. In this way we subconsciously suffer from various psychological problems. The media influences people's thinking. Your nobility leads to your guilt because you are not living up to the "dawn culture" given by the media.
After knowing these sources of knowledge, keep in mind the fact that our “learned knowledge can be wrong and incomplete.” We also need knowledge to test and test our knowledge and this capacity solves our problem. There must be room for everything in life, because there is room for improvement and progress in everything, and progress is made by those who question themselves and their knowledge and think objectively whether I have Ideas and thoughts are true or inconsistent, so that they do not cause guilt later on.