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Information How to start work as a private advisor?


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Aslamo- o-Alaikum,
I'm calling all lawyers who work in the private sector or have their personal firms. Please help to guide me how to start as a private advisor for big companies or international firms?
I did masters and then added it with an LLB degree privately. But did not practiced. As our courts and law offices are not providing a safe atmosphere for the females. So I want to work for a company with dignity and the safe area.
Wa alikum slam Dear Miss Hooriya, u can join our office at Fazal Building,2nd Floor Opp. Abdullah Trade Centre,Kutchery road Sialkot. U can may very happy to join here with max satisfaction INSHALLAH.
Mob.& WhatsApp: +92-348-4580880


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Wa alaikum salam. I personally appreciate your thoughts. its a good idea but the thing is if you never joined practice in the local bar or any corporate office for learning then its difficult for you to get directly to the company as a cooperate lawyer or legal advisor. i suggest you to join any consultancy firm or a good lawyer for the sake of learning then you may get an oppurtunity for any company. best wishes.