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How to start Petrol pump in Pakistan


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TOTAL COST excluding land (As told by different people in this business): 1.2 to 1.6 crores

Because of the mind-boggling measure of questions we continue getting , we have set out a fundamental guide for setting up an oil direct in Pakistan.please endeavor to google the promoting organizations like Shell, PSO and so forth for more data as they all have their own requirements.We won't give out numbers or contact agents of Marketing Companies, as this isn't our activity.

There are a few elements to consider when proposing to open a petroleum draw station in Pakistan as far as both business practicality and future achievement.

The area of the land and the pumps,

Connecting with the administrations of value legitimate and budgetary groups

Try to offer the best administrations and utilize the best innovation at present accessible.

Remembering the present structure of the market, the most imperative of these components to give you the most obvious opportunity with regards to progress is giving the most ideal nature of administration to your clients to pick up an aggressive edge.

Oil Pump Set Up in Pakistan

The Opportunities Available

A populace developing at a fast rate, the pay per capita and the sheer number of autos and different vehicles now in the nation.

The low weight of gas gives you a diesel and petroleum filling station an unmistakable favorable position over a CNG station, particularly amid the winter.

The expansion popular for all oil based goods even in circumscribing nations, particularly Afghanistan.

This interest for all oil based goods is versatile in nature, along these lines making it consistent.

The investigation for numerous oil sources.

The Legal Status of the Proposed Business and the Viability of Sharing

The proposed structure of this business element, from a lawful perspective, is that of an establishment with either solo or joint proprietorship. While this choice is reliant upon what decision the business person makes, the plausibility report is commonly in light of the establishment having a solitary proprietor.

The Joining Fee and the Security Deposit

So as to have the capacity to join an OMC as a merchant/retailer the business visionary is required to pay both a joining expense and a security store. The joining expense will typically be around Rs.100,000 while the security store will cost around Rs.300,000 (these charges continue fluctuating and changing after some time).

The Franchise Fee

The establishment expense is payable frequently to the OMC. This charge is typically around 0.10-0.15Rs on each liter of oil the organization has provided. This is set off anyway by the way that all the gear, apparatus and consequent upkeep is dealt with by the OMC and does not leave the franchisee's pocket.

Extra offices, for example, the previously mentioned auto wash, tuck shop and tire shop can likewise be introduced on a similar premise. The expense for the auto wash and the tire shop is charged at around 0.02-0.03 rupee for each liter.

*These charge gauges are just planned as rules and can change contingent upon what assention is made between the OMC and the franchisee. Likewise , with time these assessments get reexamined.

The Franchisees Profit Share

In an indistinguishable way from the OMC, the franchisee likewise gets an offer of the benefits on the offer of each liter of petroleum or diesel. This rate is both chosen and the managed by OGRA; the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority. The level of this offer will for the most part continue as before however the esteem can shift from between 0.85-1.50 rupees for each liter of oil and around the same for diesel.

The Licensing Process for the Franchise's Retail Outlet


The way toward opening up a fuelling station incorporates couple of basic advances that should be followed keeping in mind the end goal to full fill the criteria of oil showcasing organization (OMC) and additionally the administration.


A business person intrigued by franchisee business presents a composed application (articulation of enthusiasm) to an oil showcasing organization (OMC). The candidate asks for the OMC to asses the plausibility of his territory with the end goal of retailer ship of their oil and grease items.

Practicality Study

After Initial study OMC investigates the candidate on the bases of his believability (both social and money related), and aptitudes, and afterward an attainability think about is led by the OMC's master to gauge the suitability of candidate's property concerning its area. In the wake of satisfying the attainability criteria for the undertaking the OMC consents to a retailer deliver arrangement with the candidate and gain his territory on rental rent for the time of least 15 years. The lease is only an ostensible sum in view of the area of the land.

No Objection Certificates (NOCs)

In the wake of consenting to the arrangement the OMC's modelers draw a guide for the sight speaking to the foreseen structure of the sight according to the national benchmarks. The application is then submitted to the locale organizer officer (DCO) alongside the guide with a specific end goal to secure a no protest testaments from the concerned offices for this venture. The DCO assembles a consultative conference including the agents of the concerned divisions to fundamentally examine the task and offer on the off chance that they have a few protests or not with respect to the undertaking. With the perspective of the considerable number of agents in regards to the venture the DCO issues a no protest testament for the recommended venture.

Permit of Explosives

The explosives division is an incomparable specialist for issuing a permit to store or deal the hazardous (oil) things. The OMC at long last presents the application to the division of explosives for the allow of permit. The application incorporates NOC and the sight delineate and affirmed by the DCO individually.

Development stage

After the authorization of explosives division the infra structure development is to be begun by the endorsed delineate. The cost of infra structure is shared between the business person and the OMC. The organization thoroughly pays for the hardware and gear and the common work is the obligation of business visionary. After the fruition, the sight is assessed by a specialist architect of OMC. The sight built by the norms fits the bill for the declaration of "security and consummation" issued by the OMC's designer.

Concede of License

The last and last advance is the sight assessment by the reviewer of explosives from the explosives office. The investigator fundamentally reviews the site (extraordinarily the fuel stockpiling tanks) as indicated by the pre characterized standards of explosives office and awards the permit to the franchisee (business person) to begin his business.


Proposed Capacity

The yearly deals limit of the station ought to in a perfect world be 2.85 million litters of petroleum and diesel, in view of twofold move administrations. For budgetary projection Capacity usage will be 80% in the principal year; and expanded at a rate of 5% every year and will be topped at 95%.


The aggregate land prerequisite would be of 15,000 Sqfts. to introduce different offices of the venture, comprehensive of auto wash, tire shop and place of business.

Reasonable Locations

The Fuelling Station is prescribed to be introduced by the populated territory while considering other compulsory sources of info i.e. accessibility of human asset, power and water and so on for the reason, an area in the primary city would be attainable to ensure a sound number of populaces is around the fuelling station alongside the necessary infra structure.
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Thanks, bro for sharing such a fruitful information. Hence the legal process is very long and could give a hard time. But the incom is for a lifetime. I'm also thinking to start a reliable business. But my budget is low with no experience. So I'm looking for a partner who could invest 50% and share his experience. Lets see, What will be the outcome.


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Thanks, bro for sharing such a fruitful information. Hence the legal process is very long and could give a hard time. But the incom is for a lifetime. I'm also thinking to start a reliable business. But my budget is low with no experience. So I'm looking for a partner who could invest 50% and share his experience. Lets see, What will be the outcome.
@Faraz partnership in such business do not work for long time,

The main thing to consider before starting a petrol pump in pakistan is the location and competition. If you manage to find a good location then this business is very fruitful otherwise it is not recommended. Because investment is very high like : 2 to 3 crores for land and 1-2 crore for construction