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Staff member
If you want to start your own business with a low package of local level than stay with me. I'm unlocking some truths to start your own company. Always remember starting own business or opening a new company is not an easy step. Even for those who already have some running businesses, get a tough time while starting a new

But don’t get worried, your right decision, the passion of work and a team of loyal workers will give you success.

  • A company needs a chairman/founder of a company, consultant and two or three boys as a worker or for fieldwork.

  • Now how to start a company?

  • Take a healthy idea of a business you want to do. Always try to pick a business which has more demand in your area with less load of work.

  • For example, you could start delivering services of grocery, poultry, dairy products, plumbing services, dish, antenna or cable services, computer and other electronics repair services etc.

  • And if you are a female, then you can also start as a dress designer, baking services for small parties, event planners, private coachings, laundry services, a small nursery with gardening/planting decorations, etc

  • Now choose your area of work. If you are in a big cit, draw a line at map the area you are going to cover. And if your are in small village or town then it will be more easy for you.

  • Make a team to work with you. If you have to invest some money into it, you may get any partner who could invest some money into your business as well as give services.

  • Higher any boy to work with you. If you don't expert of that work, then try to get an experienced boy which could work for you at pay. And if you know your work then leave it for some time to higher anyone, hence your business will start to expand.

  • Get a good location to make office. It could be a room of your house or any rental shop to operate all your company from there.

  • Make some attracting boards of introducing/publishing the kind of your services and your

  • offers. It is so easy to commercialise your business through internet or tv cables at local areas.So choose any of them to start.

  • Now its time to go ahead .Understand the competition and your oppositions style of work. Try to give extra services and change the style of work to give a unique service to your client/customer.

Usama Chaoudery

New Member
Very nice. I want to work from my home. But I don't know how? If I will start my own bakery how it will work. Please guide me.
Maliha it is not very hard. You need to start from a very small level. Like, try to back some kinds of cacks and biscuits and sell them in your area. Try to make some contacts with the women in your area and some big stores. Higher a boy or any brother or cousin of you who will do a delivery service for you.

Faizan Alam

New Member
You can start your own business in a very simple way. First you need to think carefully about the product which you are going to start a business. For a successful business you should start with something like grocery or makeup stuffs which comes in beauty. Start with something lowest ones then time to time when you will get to know how you business is roaming around what profits you are getting through that then you will get the idea and it will help you to think further. But this is the best option to start a business with grocery stuffs or beauty stuffs the reason is this is in the market a lot. You will get the customers but keep one thing in the mind that in starting it wont be too much profit because in business everybody have to face loss as well. Once you keep this in mind then you can easily start you small business which can go to high time to time.