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Many people who started a business of poultry farming failed and closed in a few months. The reason for failure in this business is that many people don't know the factors that effects that cause their failure in this field.
If someone is intending to start this business then he should get full knowledge and adopted some technical tips to succeed in this field.
Here are some tips to start own business of poultry farming in Pakistan.
1. You should have a good knowledge of seasons of buying new chicks.
You should know all the new technologies and equipment to get more outcomes.
You should arrange for all the necessary tools before starting your work.
Your farm location must be calm and zero noise pollution,
You should have a building with the ventilation system.
Your farm must be designed to absorb a good sunlight and fresh air.
Your farmhouse must be free from predators and enemies of Chicks.
Your farmhouse must be cleaned hygienically before putting chicks.
Feeding and watering pots and equipment must be in the proper distance and In good direction.
The area of farmhouse and number of chicks into it must be in the proper ratio.
Make separated places for both, new chicks and prepared hens.
Every business needs a hard work and good experience. You must check out the farming updated and discussed with others who are already in this field. This is a Pakistan's first platform which is offering you a best opportunity to discuss every matter here with others for free.
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