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Question How to overcome hopelessness?

How to overcome Hopelessness

"Every year, 800,000 people in the world end their lives at their own hands," said the World Health Organization, which reports that one person commits suicide every 40 seconds. But the question is, to what extent? How does it go that he is forced to commit suicide. The answer is the same: frustration and despair, after research on suicide, it has been found that whatever the problem of the person who commits this act is first. It attacks his hope. He turns "hope" into "hopelessness" and then slowly ignites it, even to the point of frustration around him. Dark chajaty .This do not see any hope in life and finally he takes his own life.

In the order in which Allah has described His attribute names in the Holy Qur'an, the first name is Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim. It is like the space between the heavens and the earth. Allah has sent down a mercy on the earth and thanks to this mercy we see that every mother loves her child immensely, even the animals themselves. But the rest of the 99 blessings will spread on his creatures on the Day of Judgment.

When mercy is bestowed on any human being, it creates hope in him, as the Almighty says in the Holy Qur'an: Never despair of My mercy. (Surat al-Zumar: 53) Is it not to be what man thinks, but to be according to God's plan, and what is God's plan? Concerning this, the Lord Himself says: "My mercy is over my wrath." Muslim / Hadith number: 6969)
What is wrath? Allah is the greatest judge of all the universe and if He only does justice then it is wrath for us, because we cannot answer our every drop of deeds, only His mercy is the support. Mercy is always from the truth. It is more. It is not the result of action because the result of action is the end and reckoning which we can never give. We have only His mercy, from which to despair is disbelief, but most of us People are doing this. It does not have to be with the tongue, but the mental state of a person can also do it.
Guess, which leads to despair

In the Qur'an, the words Jabbar and Qahar are less for Allah and the adjectives related to mercy are more. If we look at this subject from a scientific point of view, we will find that the entire law of attraction also stands on it. The same thing happens to you as you think of your Lord. Every human being has a thought and every thought produces a frequency and that frequency attracts all the things in the universe on which this thought is based. If the suspicion is negative then the whole universe is negative for you. If the suspicion is good then the whole universe is light for you.
Wasif Ali Wasif says:
He who does not have light inside cannot take anything from the festival of lights.

Some time ago, once my teacher sent me to a professor for some work. I got there and waited outside the office. After a long time, the professor called me, I went inside and He did not express a good opinion about my teacher at that time and he also said in a careless manner about the work I told him that yes it will be done. I came back. And he did not tell his teacher the real story, but in good faith he said that he was a little busy. After a while we met and I've been uady of work.

A few days later my teacher called me and asked if your love for me has increased or decreased in the last few days. I replied that he had grown up and he said: Johawa was in Professor Sahib's room that day, it was your test. What you thought about me was the person who spoiled it, but the good thing is that your Guess not bad.

In our society, there is no shortage of people who spoil the suspicion in their relationships. However, the Qur'an clearly commands: "Beware of excessive suspicion! For some suspicion is a sin" (Surat al-Hujurat: 12). Predominance means not asking questions and answering them yourself. The characteristic of the human mind is that it creates suspicion when it is free. Therefore, it is said to keep one's mind busy and one of the religious leaders. There were also elders who, when they did not have a job, would tear off their skirts and start sewing them. A free person is always mentally disturbed and something else. After a while, he also hates his work. So don't let any empty opportunity in your life go by. Make two or three things for yourself in it. Man's own thoughts are so dangerous that they bind man and kill him. This means that they make questions themselves, answer them themselves and as a result even a good person is in suspicion. He falls and spoils his book of deeds.

The Lord is with the hopeful
If a person thinks that Allah is right, then he is happy even in hardships and sufferings and he has hope in Allah. He does not hug and shout in trouble, but he is patient. He is told that he does not get any reward for this affliction and the affliction that man endures only says to his Lord: O Lord! Have mercy on me, he says: O my servant! If you hope for me, then remember that I am with you. Man says in trouble, I do not understand where I am stuck. The Lord says: “When you do not understand, be patient, some time later. I will tell you the meaning of it. ”Patience means that man waits for the meaning of events and accidents. Many people say,“ I have been patient for so long and I have not received any reward. ” In fact, they would not have been patient, but would have waited. In patience, they always turn to Allah. In patience, there is supplication. In patience, there is the prayer that Yabari Almighty! Now there is no one but you, you are my guardian and support and then Allah will have mercy on you.
Bad life
The whole philosophy of Islam is on positivity. The reason is that a person who thinks positively will have positive thinking. If the thoughts are good then the frequency will be good and as a result the "result" will be better. If he thinks badly, then the first sign is that the taste of his life is gone. He cannot be happy even with the blessings he has got. He cannot enjoy the innocence of children. If he has all that. The present, which an ordinary person can only dream of, still cannot achieve. It is a torment not to have the value of the blessing, that man has everything but no peace. In order to get this peace, it is necessary for man to remember his Lord, remembering not only remembrance but his circumstances. And to consider the blessings He has bestowed on me, where I have been and where I have come from.

Don't forget the zero line

A person who is in the habit of writing a diary definitely has an advantage that he remembers his times. Man should never forget his zero line because it is the grace of Allah on the basis of which man has done all this. Otherwise, if you go and take a look, you will know what kind of cosmic condition a person is in. Once I needed a scavenger, a man came, I asked him for a salary and he said: Give me eight thousand. I was very surprised and asked: Eight thousand? He said: It doesn't matter, you give me seven, just hire me. Seeing his helplessness, I thanked God a million times, because what is the status of eight thousand rupees a month in this day and age? But there are some people whose total wealth is the same. Whenever a person remembers his zero line. Yes, he does not go astray again.

Who is great?
The greatness of any human being, if you want to know, is to see how much he is "paying back" to the society. How many of the perfections and blessings that Allah has bestowed on him, he is giving back to the people. Is also called zakat for work. In the Qur'an, where prayer is mentioned, there is also zakat and zakat is not only for wealth, but also for intellect and body. If a person has everything but that society If he is not "paying back" then it means that he is not paying Zakat and remember that in the life of a person who does not pay Zakat, such problems arise in his life that then he loses the same amount of money and money. These problems can occur in the form of illness, severe financial and personal loss or even in the event of an accident. So isn't it better to suffer from problems and diseases than to "pay back" to human society? Do?

Protect Guess
It is very important to protect your opinion. In particular, try to avoid associations where a person's opinion is bad. Be kind to people, cooperate with them as much as possible, but do not give your opinion to them, ie do not form your opinion according to them, Because they may not be right and everyone knows that a person who is lame will teach others how to walk. There is a saying in Chinese that if some people are shown the moon, it is not the moon, but the finger. There are people in the society who do not look at the good habits of human beings but only the bad ones. He is just as bigoted. He is not mentally big. Man can make his inner dwarf bigger than just one thing and that is patience. If he becomes big, then man does not think of all things from one angle only.

As the whirlpool in the water begins to enter the water from afar, so too there is despair in the life of a human being. Whenever it starts, put yourself aside. Change. Self-talk is such a powerful thing that the whole future of man depends on it and if it is negative then man does not need an external enemy.

The Lord is waiting

Suspicion and despair turn man away from the mercy of Allah and the most dangerous loss in the world is that in which man is not aware that I am being harmed. Therefore, one has to protect oneself from this unconscious loss and the mercy of Allah He has to come under the shadow of when he is waiting for a tear, a sob and a voice of his servant and is just looking for an excuse. As soon as he finds this excuse, he opens the door of his mercy. Disappointment does not frighten, nor does it ruin the Hereafter by wandering in the confusion of conjecture.