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If you would be a doctor. what will your goal?

  • Make money?

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  • Work with honesty?

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  • Help mankind?

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Staff member
Dear readers if you are a new graduate, in need to get a break of healthy earning, starting your career first time, or an experienced person with many abilities and ambition to do something, then I hope this article will cool your thirst.
Before starting a career as the newcomer or a mature professional and you want to add more things into it than follow these steps.

1. Capability-know yourself strength.
The first thing you need to know before choosing a profession Your capability. Always think before you start to a profession that what you are best in.
For example, you are a computer expert and you want to start coaching computer classes. But you are not a good teacher or you don't have the stamina to work in that workload. Then this profession is not for you. You must start to work privately or for any company.
2. Profesional skill/academic curricula.
Here your personal curriculum status and professional degree and expertise will be counted. But here all you need to know that how and where you will work. Private sector or company? the private sector is a long-term but more fruitful profession to make money. So according to your skills choose to work for others first, so that you could get an expertise of that field.
3.Value and personal likes and dislikes.
In this field, you should choose the career which suits with your nature and values. You will never reach the peak of satisfaction in that environment where you feel uncomfortable. Its human nature that he/she cant compromise with his personal likes and dislikes. For example, if you want to be an honest lawyer. And your personal values do now allow you to lie you or cheat others. But here in no other choice to follow the cheating rules. You could never work in that condition. So it's better for you to become a personal advisor or coach/Teacher of Law.
4.Your motive and goals
Goals make our steps easy to move forward. When you have a clear motive and intention to work you will feel eas and satisfaction. Motives and goals provide you a roadmap.
For example, if you want to make a career to earn a 5 figure money than you will choose to work for a high paying company. And if you want to turn your passion into your career you should work for self-satisfaction.
5. The demand of the place and the people around you.
Sometimes we make a big mistake to choose our career before knowing the demand of the society. In the society where People are rich and they are demanding a high standard and valued products. Then you cant take a risk to introduce the cheap and easy hand to mouth products or your cheap offers.
6. Environment.
The environment is also a highly considered side of career. For example, you are interested to grow a nursery of Roses. But the atmosphere and environment are not fertilized for that. You will not able to get any benefits from that.
So, friends, it's my little effort to guide you to make a good career. Hope it will help all of you.
Ask me if you want more suggestion about any occupation or field of work. I will do my best to guide you.
If you are expert in any field, share your experience with others about that field.


New Member
Admin, you placed a healthy info but I'm not satisfied with it.
I'm working in a firm. The job is ok and salary and the environment is also good. But the problem is what one should do if the people around you are not satisfied and honest with you?
And replacement of job is also a tough thing for me.