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Question How to build a broken self-confidence?

Ali Raza liaqat

please answer this as soon as possible
i really need this answer.......
How to build a broken self-confidence?
How to build a broken self-confidence?

) Don't you have a chance to do anything?
2) Does everything look tired?
3) Feeling a lot of tension about life?

If so, it's time for you to think about yourself. Many people fall mentally down due to different reasons. According to that person, there can affect many reasons to lose your self-confidence. Already if you're working in your life in your life, we think you should think of a religion, not once again. We might have in any of us who can have mental broken, regret and life. Only you can build a broken self-confidence.
How to build a lost self-confidence
Just read this article.

01. Stay awake for friends

Most of the people who make pride in themselves, the behavior of the people and their thoughts are less. If you are always a great friend who spend time with time, you're going to follow him with time. You always follow what you see through your friend. So take a little away from the friends who wish negative all the time. When you think of going one step away from life, be with a friend who makes you back. Then you will feel the value of your self-confidence and you will feel the value of life. You might have a desire to live. Make a habit of relationship with friends who think positive. Then there will always be pride in you. Even if you find a mental back in you, your friends will help you miss it.

02. Make an example for another one

Never mess in your life with example and replica. Be yourself. Looking at a good life and make that character an example for your life. You can make your life an example. But never follow someone else. This is what you will never make self pride. Someone can be a guide to your life. It might be your mom and dad. If not so, it can be an example of a teacher. Always make a successful person who won your life anyway. Show him or her everywhere you want to run away from life and move forward in life. Then the self-confidence that you lost will reach into you as soon as possible.

03. Self confidence

Self-confidence is like a jewelry to any person's life. Too much space you will lose yourself in loss of self-confidence. Self-confidence in a society like Sri Lanka is a strong issue. Did you know? The people of our country will realize that the people of our country do not even have a self-confidence in the society. We have an opinion in our society, especially the women should have a special pleasure in the society. Everyone thinks a woman needs support from everyone in the society. This is why you see self-confidence in women today. You first believe in yourself first. Keep the faith that you can do everything by yourself. Don't take back the step that you put in your life after being afraid of challenges. Challenge the challenges and win life. Then you will get a chance to build your lost self-confidence.

04. Get support from a Psychology consultant

If you have a lot of tension about life, your life is a great behind you always don't make any sense of your heart. Try to wake up from where you understand, rather than crying from your heart. You should send to a mental doctor or a mental consultant and get the support you need. Then you will be able to avoid the back mental situation in you. Many people think it's a shame to be a mental doctor or a mental consultant today. If you have a situation like this, never think twice to a doctor or a mental mentor and get advice twice.

05. Don't go to compare.

The mistake most people do is to compare themselves with the other one. Actually it only makes you an account of yourself. So never try to compare yourself with others. You identify your own special instead. Make a voice to grow it up. Then you will be proud of yourself.