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Question How i start my career as a photographer

Ali Raza liaqat

The photographer combines his creativity with the technical knowledge and skill of using the camera to take pictures. They work in many fields, from newspapers and magazines to fashion and advertising. Some photographers take pictures of themselves and sell them to media agencies and newspapers. Some are invited to special events, such as weddings or seminars. In addition, large newspapers and companies employ permanent photographers, as they have daily programs that require photography to be recorded.
Due to the nature of this career, most photographers work for themselves and sell it. Some photographers even make an album of their photos and show it to the public. If you are interested in photography, you can start working as an assistant with an experienced photographer after school. The real need for development in this field is not a degree, but passion and passion. However, some private companies provide photography training. This training is very helpful in developing the professional skills of photography.

Skills required
Be creative and artistic thinking for the best photography. Have the ability to imagine. Innovative ideas keep coming. Be able to quickly relax people in front of the camera and keep them calm during this time. Familiarize yourself with computer software and use modern digital computerized devices. Have enough physical strength to lift heavy equipment for a long time and have no difficulty in standing, sitting and changing posture. Pay close attention to understand the details of a scene or image at a glance, such as color, shape, light, shape, etc.

The main branches
Ordinary photographer: This photographer takes photographs required for general events such as weddings, parties at home, etc. as well as identity cards, passports, etc. Most photographers make a living by opening their own shops in the neighborhood.
Fashion Photographer: To promote the fashion brand, this photographer takes pictures of the new fashion models. These images are commonly used in fashion magazine or clothing advertisements. Usually, works in a studio or aerospace.
Press Photographer: Captures special events and people. These pictures are then published in newspapers or magazines. This photographer must have the courage to work with extreme conditions and short-term pressures.
Corporate Photographer: Works in large companies at the corporate level where various events of the companies are made part of the record through these images or by keeping these clients informed by advertising these images.

key points
Interests: Photography, Art & Design, Travel & Tourism, Culture, Information Technology, Newspapers, Current Affairs.
Minimum Qualification: Degree or standard training in photography is preferred. However, if you are interested in photography, you can start working as an assistant photographer.

Procedure: Instant photography can be arranged on small notes. There are usually more photography opportunities in the evening or on the weekends, as most events are on weekends or holidays.
Place of work: Some photographers work in their studio or shop. Some photographers go to different places and take pictures. Even remote places have to be visited often and for this the photographer has to give priority to the desire of his client. After taking pictures, you have to spend a lot of time on the computer to make these pictures more beautiful.
Bitterness: The competition in this field is fierce and there is no set standard of compensation. Photographers who establish professional relationships (networking) and personal prestige are rapidly advancing in this field.