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History forum

History Forum

History Forum allows you to have discussions, share and post threads related to the history of Pakistan and significant movements and past events.

History of Pakistan holds a vital position in the contemporary situation of our nation. History is important as it allows us to understand our past and evaluate it and allows us to better understand our present. History is the key to find answers and is the best way to know why things are the way they are now. It is said that history repeats itself. But if we evaluate our decisions in the past, our faults, failures, or successes if we look back to the rule of Mughals when Muslims were a powerful nation and eventually the downfall of Muslims; we will be able to learn from the mistakes and avoid repeating the same mistakes over and over again in the future.

Major political historical events help us in analyzing the current political situation of the country and the current poor economy. The discussions related to the history of Pakistan allows one to make more sense of the current social, political and economic scenario. And that is what analysts do-- by looking at past political, economic and cultural trends and they are able to offer reasonable predictions of what will and what can possibly happen next in today's world.

History provides us with insight into our cultures of origin as well as cultures with which we might be less familiar, thereby increasing cross-cultural awareness and understanding. It reveals aspects of national heritage and enable us to exercise critical thinking skills. You learn to compare multiple versions of the same event by critically analyzing the relationship of cause and effect of events in the history of Pakistan. Thus, enabling you to develop critical thinking skills and find & compare multiple solutions to a problem. Such a skill is valuable in a variety of fields, including statesmanship, human resources, conflict resolution, and any other activity that requires considering multiple points of view.

For a democratic society, being an informed citizen is essential. It helps people to refine their core beliefs, encourages people to actively participate and debate, and possibly challenge old beliefs that are no longer relevant. You are able to form your own opinions and effectively argue those opinions with others with authentic arguments. History serves as evidence for your arguments.

In this way, history helps us to understand the current world scenario. For instance, why was there a war in Iraq, why Kashmir is still in struggling for independence and why the world is quiet on such brutality and constant violation of Human rights law? What are the forces behind 9/11, how it affected Muslims all over the world? For better answers and understanding, we must look to history, so we get to know what the possibilities are.

So, after knowing what History forum can be used for, you can start your thread- share information and your opinions!