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Suggest me Hey people can I please have any inspiration on my life and motivation my life a mess right now don't know where to start

Your life is a mess. But you have certain things within your close proximity that can be improved. Start with your bed. Once you have made your bed, though your life maybe a mess, it will be better than it was before you made your bed. Then look around you, what else can you fix? Perhaps tidy your room. Then you are in the same place, but better because your room is clean. Then you are in a better place than before, and you can find sanctury from the anxiety of life in the fact that you are better now than you werebefore tidying your room. Then move from there, what else can you fix. Keep your focus on the trend youare moving on not the absolute state of life. Focus on the improvements. Then in 2 weeks you may have a tidy room and have exercised 3 times in the week. Then fix your diet. Then in a month you will be far more healthy than you were a month before. Focus on that, you are a person who can fix and improve things. You have now built the foundations to tackle the big things in life. But you must keep your focus on the little things like food and exercise because they are the building blocks to a better life. This process is not easy, but you will begin to enjoy the process of improvement. Eventually you will be so powerful from incremental improvements that you can then turn your attention to others and become a positive influence for the others in your life. But it all starts with keeping your room tidy, eating well and exercising. I wish you the best of luck....:)