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Help me please


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Salaam, my older sister is alhamdulillah getting married next month and the wedding is in our garden with 20 people only. Me and my other 2 sisters picked matching material to make suits out of but have been told that it is too boring and looks “like an old lady suit”. Because we live in the uk the fashion here is very light and not as done up as traditional Pakistani clothing this is why we went for less. I am looking for some advice on how to make the suits look slightly fancier but still keep that soft and not very done up look.92 93my idea is to make a kameez that goes to slightly above the knee and have completely plain palazzo trousers as they are in fashion. Because it is my sisters wedding, some people will judge us for not dressing fancy enough but we also do not want to pick a fabric we don’t like. please help if possible, I would appreciate any advice!
Jazakallah khair