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Hazrat Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi


The stain of the soul:

Hazrat Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi
(may Allah have mercy on him) had strayed from the path of the forest with some of his generals. Time was passing fast towards the setting sun. The lonely princess and her maids were probably drowning by the river, unaware that a wild bear had followed them.
By this time the sultan's arrow would have pierced his throat. The bear had struck the princess's maiden with the claw of one hand.
Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi (may Allah have mercy on him) shot three arrows at the foot of the wild beast which caused it to pile up.
The princess had no difficulty in realizing that the skill and bravery of a warrior could only be demonstrated.
I am the only daughter of the Maharaja of the state of Jaipur. Thank you for saving my life. I will tell you from my address and give you a high position in the army. You don't look like a soldier in our army. Tell me where you belong
Smriti probably did not know that she had no ordinary soldier in front of her. The most powerful Islamic army of the time was headed by Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi, whose name makes the throats of Hindu Maharajas dry.

The Sultan, without revealing his identity, said, "I am a soldier of another army."
Come on, lady, I will take you to a safe place. You follow me. Darkness is growing. If you don't find a way, you may have to spend the night in the same forest. Princess Smriti knew that this man is free from greed and fear. I was ashamed to feel safe
Due to the thorny bushes of the forest, the princess's dress was torn from different places. The princess was exhausted. It is increasing and there are signs of change in the weather. It is difficult to travel further in the dark in the dense forest. If you go out in the morning, maybe I can take you to a safe place. Feeling that the princess might not be able to spend the cold night of the forest in her expensive but slightly thin dress, the Sultan threw his thick chador towards the princess and looked at the princess with meaningful eyes as if to say cover it. Leaning his back against the trees, his eyes were fixed on the face of the Sultan, who was sitting on a nearby rock trying to light a fire. The face of the wind was shining brightly. The Sultan performed tayammum with clay without looking at the princess. And when he started praying, the princess was shocked. Oh, he looks like a Muslim
Once the princess trembled. Somewhere in Ghazni's army, they are looters. Buffaloes and goats eat everyone's flesh. It will not leave me alive. But the next moment, the princess began to remember the time she had spent with him. And if I had been unjust, the princess's heart would have been filled with contentment and certainty, even though she did not want to save me from the bear.

When the Sultan was praying after the prayer, Zaru started crying. Crying, the Sultan put the tip of his dagger on the toe of his foot and pressed it.
Early in the morning the Sultan said to the princess, "Now we must go out. After going some distance, the Sultan found a white stone which had left the sign of the Sultan's soldiers that the road is on this side." The passer-by could find out where the passer-by had gone
At last the princess and the sultan came on a smooth path. Some distance away the traces of a small village were visible. The sultan said that this is a village within the boundaries of your state. The princess sees yes. On reaching the village the princess called the village chief The bee was sent along with some of his companions. The princess said, "Give us two lightning-fast horses and give some dry grain to this soldier." The princess said to the sultan, "We are very surprised. Keep on wounding with your dagger and pay no attention to me. If you wish, come with us to the palace. We will fill you with rewards and honors in exchange for saving your life.
The Sultan rode on a horse and said to the princess, "Princess, keep on hurting so that your beauty does not hurt my faith and my attention is on my pain. Do not go to you, princess. Did you want to miss this opportunity to meet us in private?" People are ready to give up their states for
Sultan Shahzadi I am a Muslim and I am a slave of Muhammad Arabi. My eyes were not on your body but on my soul. Maybe the stain of sin would be washed away from my body but with this stain of sin on my soul Guara was not
Upon hearing this answer, the princess could not help but be impressed by the soldier's attachment to his religion and his character, as if his heart was restless to join the religion and life of this stranger.

Saying this, the Sultan asked permission
Princess, tell me the name of your army, we will remember
The Sultan covered his face with a turban, put an arrow on his Turkish shoulder, put his sword in its sheath and spoke while holding the horse's saddle.
Princess My name is Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi and I am the Commander-in-Chief of the great army of Ghaznavi and the Sultan said that