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Free business ideas in Pakistan.


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Let's exchange free business ideas in Pakistan. It is my personal experience that many people who had have nothing with them. They took a break to start doing something and know they are running big forums of their own business.
I want to share my ideas with you and you can also drop your suggestion. In this way, we could reach a decision of how and what to start.
My first Idea for free business in Pakistan is free to home delivery services of grocery and foods. You will say it free but actually, it will pay you much. Talk to some Karyana stores to give them all grocery products at a less price and then find some customers in the streets of your areas who can't go to buy themselves. Give them your phone number and they will order you all the things they need. Pick the things from the store and drop at homes. Keep the profit +a tip of delivering product to the place will also go into your pocket.
Does it seems cool to you...
First, make customers and then you will get some boys who will deliver on your behalf and you will just sit and take the orders.
Be your own boss.


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Gardening! I think Gardening is a high paying job in Pakistan. With a little knowledge about planting and skills of maintenance of gardens and backyards one could get a number of customers. And the featured benefit of this job is you will get wealthy customers and advance payments. So there will be no chance to be cheated.


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You are right@Basheer. But if you are a hard worker and have powerfull skills to meet problems you could get everything you want.


I have an idea of buying and selling old books. The stander and living style of people is changing. And many students don't keep old books with them. And because of stander consciousness, many students also don't bother to give away the books to needy students. So I think if we will provide a platform to the students where they could buy and sell their old books. and the margin of profit is not very high but later it could be turned into donating unwanting books and selling new books with it.