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First complete forum in Pakistan


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We proudly call Pakistan-forums.com as first complete forum in Pakistan. There are many forums and communities available in different parts of the world. Developed countries like United states and Germany have forums for every city and for every event that happens there. These forums help people to share the ideas and discuss about the common issues. Pakistan-forums.com is created with a vision of providing complete solution and control to the people, everyone is open to discuss their ideas or get information from other people. The most important reason behind this forum is to openly expose the SCAMS and CRIMES that you have witnessed or you think other people should be careful about that.

The information you share or discuss here stays safe and help thousands of other people when they search on google. Facebook has been primary source of information for Pakistani people due to absence of forums in Pakistan. That information is lost and do not help many people when they need that. This forum in Pakistan is only for people who belong to Pakistan and can openly discuss their ideas. We are working hard to get more information added and stored here for future and for the community members.

Vision behind Pakistan-forums-- First complete forum in pakistan
  • Share and discuss openly and easily.
  • Thousands of people can get help from the discussions when they want answers.
  • Report and inform other people about SCAMS and FRAUDS.
  • Find the authentic and relevant information.
  • Find and team up with like minded people.

We are working hard to invite more members and add more helpful information in our community. You are encouraged to add the appropriate information in this forum and invite others.

NOTE: We are very strict about Spam and members promoting their own products/shops. Be careful with that we will directly block you for this.