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Engineers Forums lets you connect with engineers in similar industries, locations or positions.

Nowadays, online communities are more considered source to interact with people who belong to the same profession. They offer unprecedented opportunities to communicate and connect to peers, stay up-to-date on new trends and best practices and at the same time, consequently, serve as a source to find solutions from the people who have ideas and experience and can give suitable suggestions.

Pakistan Forums provides an opportunity for engineers to be a part of the online engineering community and engage in productive discussions with like-minded people. We aim to bring together a vast community of engineers to share their experiences, share ideas and facilitate innovation or consult others for technical issues.

  • Representation of vast community & diversity of thought on a given topic

Every individual is different & his own set of experiences. So, when you consult with the vast professional community on Engineers Forum, you receive divergent opinions and unique ideas. These diverse points of views present different angles of a particular topic.

  • Problem-solving and sharing

Sometimes the problems aren’t that big, but you just simply stuck with a problem and may need to ask those who belong to the same professional community. Also, sharing your knowledge and writing about different topics will be available for others to see anytime and it serves as information house to those who want a solution and that too a well- discussed & debated.

  • Share experiences & Success Stories

Engineers can share their success stories on Engineers Forum. It is worth to mention that your success stories and experiences- your ways of dealing with issues on your projects and how you made your way towards success- can inspire young engineers. People always look up to those who have achieved something in their lives- their struggles and efforts serve as a motivational force.

  • Recent Developments

The Engineers Forum can be used to share recent developments, updates, researches, experiments, and new tools. It is the need of in your professional industry to be updated & aware of major breakthroughs & new researches that are setting new standards in the engineering field.

  • Online Reputation

By sharing unique project ideas, informative posts and responding to questions, giving your input in discussions & collaborating with others, you are able to develop online reputation quickly because you are exposed to an environment of discussions on a regular basis which is unlikely outside the online forums. And also, because you are not time-bound and can share posts, comments or take part in discussions from anywhere and anytime.

Here is the opportunity for engineers to come forward and join the Engineers forum. You can register yourself on Pakistan Forums to start a new thread, to share information, participate in discussions or ask questions or respond to others with your comments and help them out in their occupational problems. World-Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee says:

“The web is more a social creation than a technical one. I designed it for a social effect – to help people work together – and not as a technical toy.”