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Online Doctors forums have become integral to advancing medical education along with facilitating cultural evolution within the profession. Dr. Kathryn Hughes, MD, an acute care surgeon at Falmouth Hospital says that the reach of online Doctors forums in the medical community is global, broad, and across the entire arc of the medical experience, from the student to attendings, to a resident, to industry leaders and thought leaders.

--It is a great platform and a way for patients and physicians to engage with one another, to educate one another, and to establish meaningful and productive relationships. It encompasses the entire spectrum of the hospital experience as well as universities, colleges and medical programs as well.

--In-person networking opportunities are harder to fit into busy doctors’ schedules and Doctors Forum allow physician communities to be built online. In this scenario, it serves as a convenience to doctors with their schedules to interact and active on the platform regardless of their career choices. It is a medium that encourages the free exchange of ideas and discussions between physicians from different disciplines and parts of the country.

Professional Networking
Pakistan Forums provide an opportunity for physicians to interact and participate in online physicians’ communities, listen to experts, and communicate and network with colleagues regarding patient issues. The doctors Forum is available to use for professional networking and specifically cater to people related to the medical profession.
Online Doctors Forum enables surgeons and physicians to collaborate, set standards for the profession, support each other, and bond over shared experiences. Discussions on diverse Subjects can be carried, besides clinical topics, such as politics, ethics, biostatistics, career strategies, and practice management. Doctors Forum can be for crowdsourcing (the act of harnessing the knowledge and skills of a community to gather opinions and information or to solve problems).

Patient Education
Doctors can engage and participate in disease-specific discussions on Doctors Forum focused on patient education. This provides a significant opportunity for doctors to distribute evidence-based information to counter inaccurate content on the Internet. The distribution of credible information by online doctor communities has been proved to motivate observable behavioral changes within social networks. Recent researches showed that interventions based on social media and online forums can positively affect tobacco cessation, weight loss, risky sexual behaviors, and physical activity.
Around 60% of physicians, during recent research, were found to favor interacting with patients through online platforms for the purpose of providing patient education and health monitoring, and for drug adherence, and encouraging behavioral changes with the hope that these efforts will result in better education, increased compliance, and better outcomes.

Patient-Physician Learning
It can also include patients who can read threads and informative content by doctors and their online communication with patients can improve their care and health outcomes. When patients & public join and take part in discussions and ask questions on especially topical chats centered around specific diseases like BCSM (breast cancer), OBSM (obesity), or LCSM (lungs cancer), those contributions and perspectives are tremendously important and insightful for physicians.