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Desperate times Require desperate measures

Can we convert this pandemic into opportunity to acquire new skills?

  • Yes

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Over many years there has been a continuous debate on the transformation of education system. Ferrari might have made different cars in the 20s than in the 90s, but education structure stays the same. Now since we are stuck in the middle of a pandemic the system has shifted towards online education. Every situation brings an opportunity with it and it is upon us how we look at it. Many of the students are having connectivity issues and some after corona virus moved towards the remote areas where even they do not have access to internet facilities. At the same time if we look at the other side of coin students who have access to internet and taking online classes, but the question of imparting problem-solving skill set to those students is big question mark. Now, if they situation remain same for longer period how universities will respond to this problem. Whether universities will take assignment-based examination or students must give an online exam which has its own pros and cons. The major problem is that students being taking exams online for the first time must go through psychological pressure. In addition to this what will be the structure of exam and how students solve the exams which involves mathematics problems.
Like we mentioned above every problem is like a blessing in guise. Despite all the problems there is always an optimistic side to it. We talked about that students lack problem solving skill set what better opportunity they can got than this .They can come up with different software solutions like zoom which can be only used through university portal .In this way there will be less load on a bandwidth and there will be less distortion while taking the online classes. While university can increase the ability of students by offering free online certifications. These online certifications not only will increase the intellectual capabilities but evenly increase their morale and sense of achievement.
Currently, the youth percentage in Pakistan is around 64%. Now imagine this huge figure sitting in their homes and doing nothing productive could have severe impact on the development of any nation. It is up to the youth in which direction they want to go. There are plenty of skills they can learn by just sitting at their homes. Online certification websites like coursera, LinkedIn learning and many other are offering huge variety of courses with very small fee structure. Now all country is lock down and student can come with entrepreneurial initiatives like delivery grocery items to customers just by making a website and with very small investment. It is very important for all of us to have introspection of ourselves identifying areas where you want to excel in future and at the same time serving the humanity
Thus, this pandemic requires us to take desperate measures like adapting to changes and accepting and moving forward with it .It involves the students to change their mind toward positivity and acceptance of online education structure and require teachers to change the methodology of their teaching and coming up with new and revised course outline to better impart knowledge amongst the students
BY: Hamza Rasheed & M. Zaib