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Current affairs refer to the important vents, incidents, and events that have occurred or are happening around the world and also holds social importance. It may comprise of information, news, awareness, and comprehension of all the major incidents happening around the world. It is not confined to any particular field but rather it is related to every walk of life including that of topics ranging from sports, business, economy, politics, employment, education, crime and ethics and so on.

Globalization and the need to stay connected to the world--- Globalization has made the world a global village. It has diminished the boundaries and interdependence of countries on each other. Thus, a tragic incident that happens in one country ultimately affects all the countries that are somehow related and deal with it. For instance, the tragic event of 9/11 has changed the lives of Muslims all around the world as well have affected foreign policies due to the pressure of superpowers. It increases the importance of currents affairs because the world is well-connected. And this indicates that people are directly or indirectly affected by what is currently going around the world. People are more concerned about what is happening around them and to be connected to the world Current affair forums and online discussions are the best way not only to gain knowledge but to share whatever information you have for others. By having different information, views and discussions you are more connected to the world.

A better understanding of the World--- Being aware of current affairs helps not only in an increase in knowledge but also the gathered information leads to a better understanding of the world. Increased knowledge and awareness helps us not only being aware and updated but it also it will enlarge our thinking vision and provide us with the more holistic i.e. complete & practical approach of life. So, the importance of current affairs in our lives is not limited to information gathering and awareness of what is going around the world but also the ability they hold in manipulating our ways thinking and the emerging issues that are taking place around the world.

Importance of current affairs in the Academic and Professional Sector--- Over the years, current affairs have entered and surfaced to a large extent the arena of academic life, for instance, in competitive exams such as civil service exam, bank exam, and insurance sector jobs, etc. Also, in the job sector, your knowledge of current affairs can be a distinguishing factor because now, in many sectors, the hiring of people is based to some extent on their knowledge of their surroundings. It is one of the eligibility criteria adopted by job sector. Even the interview section also includes related questions from the interviewee about the current major news or politics, incidents, or events. So, it is no doubt very significant to keep a check on the current affairs and keep yourself updated.

Here, on Pakistan Forum, you can share global news and events as well as take part in discussions and share views and concerns.