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COVID-19 vaccines are part of the solution, but alone they won’t end the pandemic.

They are not going to let you go back to normal, they have people scared to death, and I mean to death, they have you under their control. You have done every thing they have demanded, and still you think they have your health and wellbeing at heart, wake up. All they are interested in is CONTROL, MONEY, and MORE POWER, over YOU.
There is nothing about China the first places where this virus started they live their lives normal while the rest of us struggle something doesn’t add up here.
Sadly the 4th industrial revolution will be a fact with the mantra of the World Economic Forum "build back better". "By 2030 you will own nothing and you will be happy" Klaus Schwab. Where are we going to? I don't even want to live in a world like that. I'm feeling sad, angry and scared, but also hopeful because I know a lot of people see and know the truth and are taking action.

Usman mehar

New Member
Just keep doing what you’re told by your government in your country until they tell you it’s safe to live again. You’ll be covered I guess. It’s getting more stupid every day though. Why do we need to lower our risk? I think our moon system should probably start doing its jobs again. That was supposed to say I think our immune system should probably get back to work. Personally, I’m letting mine do his job
They are trying to keep the fear campaign to keep us where they want us to be, but more people are opening their mind & losing fear & we shall abandon their reality to end their mess & they shall be left with nothing to feed on, but to be held accountable & answerable for the mess they had created.


Do not forget medication to prevent or to give early treatment with old medications ...not expensive !