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Cosmetic Types and Uses

Tayyab Ishaq

New Member
Cosmetics are basically is a group of products that are used for the increment of face beauty or body fragrance. Different products of cosmetics are made for face beauty like lipsticks, nail polishes and different same like accessories and many others for the overall body like body sprays, perfumes, etc.

Types of Cosmetics Used:
There are many types of cosmetics products used for beauty purposes. Cosmetics mostly used for the beauty purpose is named as “Makeup”.
The makeup that is used for face beauty is applied on the face by brushes mostly. Different types of makeup accessories are listed below as per need in Pakistan.
  • Makeup Bass
This makeup bass is used for perfect results of makeup shine. The makeup bass is a cream that removes stains from the face, but also on the other hand sometimes it acts as paste-like cream when massaging on face due to its bad manufacturing.
  • Face Sponges
Face sponge is used to make cream used on face fully spread on the face, it must be so soft and plan to massage onto the face.
  • Makeup Brushes
Makeup brushes are used for the purpose of highlighter makeup cream on the face to get the attraction, but these brushes must be of soft materials so that these should be helpful for skin and hard brushes damage the skin as well.
  • Pencils
In makeup box pencils are necessarily accessory for makeup, these are used for eyebrow as well as lips border to make useful for lipstick. There are different colors of lipstick.
  • Nail Polish
Nail polishes are used to shade nails in different colors, but the color material is used toxic that causes problems on inhaling and also fragrance causes problems too. Good nail polishes must not have these problems as well as it must be permanent and must be removed on removing.
  • Nail Polish Remover
Nail polish removers have different shapes and used as a remover of nail polishes. Mostly these have no side effects in use.

There are many cosmetics brands that are making cosmetic products for women's beauty.
In Pakistan, there are many brands that are selling makeup products but now we facilitate you for buying these all online.