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"Control" English poetry

Dr. Adnan


Push that button,
Mind is in a daze,
Watching & listening,
Counting the ways,
Observed by the masters,
Every step you take,
Treading carefully,
The mistakes you make,
Flatscreen or mobile,
They’ve taken your soul,
You’ve been stolen in the night,
Now under their control,
Everywhere you go,
Everything that you do,
Behind hidden glass,
They’re controlling you,
You believe all their stories,
You believe all their lies,
You are asleep in your dreams,
They see thru your eyes,
Controlled by the media,
Controlled by the rich,
Your mind as been hijacked,
Controlled by a switch,
Blinded by the masters,
You’ve just dug your own hole,
Your mind is no longer yours,
Your under their control.