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sialkot Click to know why Education of the Sialkot is at high peak now a days.


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Sialkot is a rich, high economic city with all advanced facilities. The population here is very intelligent and it is the fertilized genius and educated persons.

Notable people of Sialkot

The first and most popular name of Pakistanis, Indians, Iranians, Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans is Allama Iqbal. He is also known as the poet of the east, a philosopher, a spiritual father of Pakistan, Thinker of Pakistan, artist of Pakistan and much more. His house (Iqbal Manzil) is the most visited place in Sialkot.

And other famous people are, Faiz Ahmed Faiz(poet), Ghulam Ali (singer).

Wahid Murad, Rajinder Kumar(actors).

Zaheer Iqbal, Ijaz Ahmed and Shoaib Malik (cricketers).

Umera Ahmed(writer). And many other politicians are from Sialkot.

Murray college Sialkot Muslim school, Islamia college Sialkot and govt college for women was already a great name for its education and educational status. But now as industry and business are developing and economics is increasing in this city. And the transformation of the city is becoming very fast and updated. Education is at the top rate here and many educational institutions for arts education, science education, engineering education, technology, handcraftsmanship, technical education are being introduced here in Sialkot.

All big names of Pakistan educational institutes are opened here. That's why the level of literacy and education is increasing day by day. And demand of skilled and educated persons is inspiring more and more people to come and get the education.,
Yes, this is true education here is becoming a little costly because of competition and level of education. But good thing is that Govt is always a stepped forward to have a check and balance in the private education sector as well as providing to community free and low fee education. That's why every child here is getting the basic education easily.
With this, the training of teachers and education department is also a big help to increase the level of education.
So If you are living in Sialkot you can get for you or your kid's high standards education living here. And if someone is moving to Sialkot He is no need to worry about the education of their younger ones.
Ask our community to recommend you best schools, colleges, and institutes according to your location and budget. You will feel pleasant to ask and get answered.
Feel free to Describe/mentioning down if some one has any good memory of his/her favorite school and college or want to tell good or bad experience in any of educational institute.


This picture of Murry college is the reason why I'm replying here.I have many sweet memories with murry college. And You are right, Sialkot is the place of intelligent people. Please suggest me the best school for primary education in the main city area. My kids are very brilliant and creative. And I don't want to send them to traditional educational systematical schools who kills the creativity of children. So please suggest me which school in the city is providing Montessori and creative education to the kids. Thank you very much.
Someone is interested to open a girls hostel in Sialkot. He wants to start a pick and drop services for girls also. As the hostel need to build or buy outside the city in a good and silent area.He is more interested to get in the godhpur road. Where all the necessary facilities would be available. He needs suggestions from you which area is best.Pease suggests him the best location in Sialkot. And if someone has any building or plot for sale.Thanks.


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Murray college location is so cool and historical. I love its British style entrance. I want to see Iqbal house and Murray college of Sialkot.These places are related with My favorite poet Iqbal. So it's my wish to visit Sialkot. I'm looking for a chance to go there and enjoy the foods in Sialkot and meet to the great community of Sialkot. But no friend of me is living there. And Making is friends in Sialkot could be a great favor to me. Someone here would like to meet me if I happen to go there?