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AC Milan and Inter Milan will donate the fines imposed on Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Romelu Lukaku for their clash in January to charity.


He talks too much
Yet Man Utd helped him to get a miniature European trophy, No world cup medal, yet he brags with the best

Lukaku will destroy u talker
Yeah this is a good news, I have more than 25 years Inter fan and to be honest this sport it’s all about what people want. For that respect
Don't know why these two are furious to each other but all said and done both decisions from the teams is good, donate the money to people in need..


New Member
The retour is going to be eventful this year some long-buried secret from racist infamous Ibrahim#lukaku feud are about to surface sound perfect but it's not going to be easy in (DERBY MILANO)wait and see. to be honest (INTER ) is strong enough to win championship that my modest point of view!!!!!


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A professional fight between them would generate great revenue for charity too. Someone should arrange that fast