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Rabiya Abid

Staff member
The purpose of this businessmen forum is to bring Pakistani business leaders, media, chambers of commerce, social organizations, and associations on an online discussion board where they can share their knowledge, opinions, issues, and ideas with their peers.

The reasons to join Pakistan-Forums’ businessmen forum

1. Get new ideas
Conversing with other people of business industry on a businessmen forum in Pakistan is a great way to see how these people are running their businesses, how they had structured and faced the obstacles, if you are leader of an established business which you've likely landed on a way of doing business and need new and insightful ideas. You can implement their ideas and decisions in your own company and situations. You will be exposed to new ways of thinking and through online discussions, you could come out with a fresh outlook on your company

2. Share your knowledge

If you are a creator and leader of a successful business firm or trader, you are definitely aware of the struggles and you must have your own story and set of hurdles & problems. You know what it takes to build a company from scratch. Here, you can be a source of business advice from where other members can benefit. Knowledge is more valuable when it is shared.

There are businessmen or young entrepreneurs who may need to have guidance from someone like you. And when you have cemented yourself on the businessmen forum in Pakistan as a leader to be listened to and learn from, you'll definitely benefit yourself & find yourself open to other opportunities.

3. Mentorship

It is a great place to find a mentor or be a mentor to a less experienced executive. However, both are extremely rewarding. You can be is a source of wisdom and guidance, information that you can pass on to people. Teaching is considered learning. So, in this way, you will also be benefitted greatly from mentor-mentee relationships

4. Insight into the state of your business/industry

Sometimes you lose track of issues that are affecting your industry or business when you have a lot of heads-down work. The businessmen forum is a good place if you're looking for the insights of a bird's eye analyst of business. You can take part in vibrant online business discussions to discuss and take advantage of trends that you may not have seen coming without access to the bigger picture.

5. Access to your peer group

As a business person, you need to establish a certain distance & draw lines between yourself and your employees. Your responsibilities are unique, and you may want to have discussions with someone who knows what it is like to run a business and what are your concerns. Being a member of businessmen forum enable you to have conversations for the issues that affect you with other business leaders that can help you feel more a part of the community.

6. Finding the best business conferences

There are many business conferences held you may miss out, if not a part of a businessmen forum. The forum will help find out which are the best conferences to attend around you where you can meet businessmen you’ve met through the forum but you’ll like to meet in person.

At the very least, Pakistan Forums enables a businessperson to make connections and learn how his/her business fit in the larger scheme and identify opportunities to drive greater success.