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business success story

“Kody Thompson, originally from Bendigo in Victoria, moved to the Gold Coast three years ago to take up an unpaid role with the Southland Christian Centre in Maudsland, having run youth programs in schools after losing a number of friends to suicide as a teenager.

The 28-year-old graphic design graduate began creating websites for local businesses in 2015, but quickly found himself “run off” his feet with work, making $110,000 in revenue in the first 12 months.

“I started the business accidentally,” he said. “I basically just handed out business cards. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I was doing my accounting with a spreadsheet, doing invoices using Word.”

As his graphic design business grew, Mr Thompson started up a second — a subscription-based website design and hosting service targeted at CrossFit gyms called WodSites, which soon took on a life of its own.
Unlike traditional web design firms, which typically charge a large upfront cost in the thousands of dollars to create a website, Mr Thompson decided to focus on a small upfront cost with an ongoing monthly subscription, for which customers receive constant support and site maintenance.”