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Pakistan Forums gives you a platform to share business success stories. These success stories are about the entrepreneurs who started businesses with low budgets or investments, people who had little resources with bigger issues. Their remarkable struggles not only deserve to be shared but also are helpful for new entrepreneurs or people who are having a hard time in their business lives. Your sharing of such stories of successful business people will encourage people to stick to their goals and help them think rationally rather than giving up just because they lack the inspirational and motivation to fight the problems.

What is the point of sharing business success stories?

Insightful business success stories give remarkable lessons for people who want to learn and immerse themselves in the business community from the efforts, struggles and particular decisions of successful business people.

Inspiring the young generation--- stories of successful businessmen and businesses are a source of inspiration for people who have started a new business or plan on starting one. Small or large, when you start a business you are not supposed to get immediate success. On the initial stage, you may not get the response you expected but there are people out there who have been through these stages. Their stories will motivate the young generation to get their hopes high with the idea that their time is bound to come if they are determined and consisted of their efforts.

Strength for facing hurdles--- The path to success is the never easy one. Only your persistence and consistency in your moves towards achieving your goals can lead you to the top of the ladder of success. Business success stories such tell you the hardships faced by the businessmen in any new business venture. So, there is a lot of value in studying what other business startups have done and how they got to experience positive results. It will help them going when the time gets rough and the forecast begins to darken.

See things with different angles--- Business success stories can help businesspeople and vendors evaluate their own problems by accessing the issues others faced. It broadens one’s own thinking and helps to see thing from different perspectives rather than being confined to own particular problems. They help us know that every entrepreneur

Experience & money is not everything--- You do not have to have a lot and lots of money or have to be an expert to start a business. That is what many of the business tells us. There are businesses with the handsome amount invested in but still failed. And similarly, the experience is not what you need to start and run a successful business. Many entrepreneurs have found success in the business field in which they had no experience such as Thomas Edison, known for electric light, the phonograph and the motion picture camera; is a famous inventor and entrepreneur who used to work as a salesman and had no formal and professional training before getting started with his famous inventions.