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Blasphemy of our holy Quran in norway


New Member
Why is it that every once in a while there is disrespect of our religion by some non-Muslim and so-called pacifist countries, sometimes our Messenger - sometimes the source of guidance (holy Quran) is disgraced. while there are huge number of Muslims in this world.
اور تو اور ہماری اپنی حکومت بھی ہاتھ پے ہاتھ دھرے بیٹھی ہے۔


Staff member
Non Muslims are afraid of growing number of Muslims and how the religion is spreading all over the world. They do such acts to satisfy themselves. Muslims on the other hand are not aware of the teachings of Holy Quran and life of our Beloved Holy Prophet(PBUH).

Out duty is to get back to Quran and Sunnah. Implement the teachings of Islam in our daily lives. This is the best thing that we can do these days. There are many Muslim countries in the world but there is not a single person Like Umar(R.A).

There are many Muslims who are ready to protest and Blame non Muslims for their stupid acts. But no one is ready to blame himself for not following the Holy Quran. How many of us wake up for Fajr Prayer and read Quran? That is the respect that Holy Quran deserved. We are not united and as long as we stay like this and do not change our condition we will have to face Humiliation.