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sialkot Best urologist in Sialkot and my experience with him


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Hello all,

I am writing this thread to share my very recent experience with a best urologist in Sialkot (Dr Naeem Ahmad Cheema) and an attempt to return thanks for being a kind, professional and experience doctor and a very humble and decent human being .

Most of the time we take some serious issues lightly and at the end we have to deal with the consequences. My suggestion for anyone who have any kind of health issue is to get the treatment or medical advise as soon as possible.

My Problem:

Some years ago i realized that i had to go to washroom more than normal people. I neglected this thing and continued with my normal routine. As the time passed the issue became more serious. I had the issues of frequent urination and urgency to urinate, I started feeling itch and irritation while trying to urinate also the amount of urine was very low. Instead of getting medical advise or going for checkup i reduced my water intake. i used to drink only 2 or 3 glasses of water in a day. That reduced my frequent urination issue. But reducing amount of water intake introduced me with some other severe issues like Urinary tract infections (Yellowish urine) with slight pain, Vitamin deficiency, Dry skin etc. This was the time when i finally decided to visit a urologist in Sialkot.

My Experience with best urologist in sialkot (Dr Naeem Ahmad Cheema):

I was not exactly sure how to get this thing treated until a friend told me about some Urologist's in Sialkot, Some months ago i decided to get the medical treatment as a first priority without delaying it for another day. I went for an ultra sound that showed everything is good without any serious issue ( A sigh of relief) with a chronic infection. I went directly at Amina Hospital near Overhead Bridge and noticed around 50 people sitting there waiting for their appointment. Because i have some doctors in my family and some of the doctors favor their colleagues by giving them fee exemptions and priority appointment. Luckily i got chance to get treated with in 5 minutes. He returned the checkup fee also (Although it is not a big thing for a person earning millions but still this is very rare to see people respecting the professional etiquette and fellow colleagues and their families).

To be frank, i had some worst experiences with some Doctors in past that delayed my decision to visit someone for treatment. But i was impressed by the overall behavior and professionalism shown by Dr Naeem. He listened to all my problems carefully and asked questions to learn more about what's actually happening with me unlike other doctors who think they know everything and try to impose their thoughts on patients. A patient visits a doctor and sits in waiting area for hours just because he believes that the doctor would try to fix his disease with the help of Allah. A word of kindness can give so much hope and power to the patient. After my appointment i was very happy and even before taking medicine i was sure that i would be 100% OK after taking this medicine and such positive attitude is compulsory for every step in life. I am a software engineer and in our field we say :
"To fix any problem you must understand it and once you understand it you have already fixed it"

Now it's been 2 weeks since i am taking the medicine prescribed, Alhamdulillah i am having positive results.

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it, and no duty is more urgent than that of giving thanks. I just wanted to write to say thanks for that wonderful experience and help my fellow Pakistan-forum members to find best urologist in Sialkot.

In case you want to contact him:

Hospital Address: link
Timing: 10-2 ( But i am not sure)