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Lahore food

Last month happened to live in Lahore with my client in Business. And the tour was 2weeks long. With business what I had to experience is the food shops in Lahore and at the end some shopping markets in Lahore.

Actually as lived there for two weeks long, I was helpless to make at home so was eating from restaurants and the streets of the Lahore. It was my first experience n Lahore. And I was enjoying that without having vacations I'm getting the happiness of tasting the papular places of food lovers all over the Pakistan and may be all over the world.
I tasted samosa's of bombay chawpatti as well as the nans that were cheese chapatti.
I was appeared in all the restaurant of fast foods and also gave a try to dhabhaaa khana also.
I had visited anaarkali bazar, IT tower, shops around fortress stadium and narrow street shops inside the Lahore. It was really a great experience. Thank you, Lahore and Lahori community. I wish I could hear from all of you the tastiest food places and also shopping markets. I hope I will get a good list of your favorite shops till my next tour to Lahore. Long live Lahore and long live Pakistan.