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Beautiful quotes of teacher

Ali Raza liaqat

Beautiful quotes of teacher

▪ the name of the right choice of purpose is success.

▪ in such a society where the sowing is common, it is a big danger to be height.

▪ Big people talk about hope while living in trouble.
▪ the philosophy of whose life is not big, nothing can be learned from this life.
▪ the one whose eyes open towards the inside becomes a wali.
▪ whenever you benefit the other, nature must benefit you from anywhere.
▪ be big in the post or not, but be big in service.
▪ those who get the sage of flowers, their dreams are not big.
▪ as long as the teacher himself is not motivated he can't motivate his students.
▪ people just think about themselves don't think about society.
▪ you can't satisfy all.
▪ Raise your standard, you think big, get benefit from your life, when you go from the world, people remember you in good words.


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“A good teacher, like a good entertainer first must hold his audience's attention, then he can teach his lesson.” (John Henrik Clarke)