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A Warm Salaam from this Afghan


New Member
Salaam alaykum wa rahmatullah,

At the outset, allow me to say that I love my Muslim brothers and sisters from all countries, races and backgrounds. For political reasons unknown to many Pakistanis, a game masterfully played by the British, there are many Afghans who hate Pakistanis. However, the same cannot be said about all Afghans.

Unfortunately, I lived in India for more than 10 years (when I was a child) after which my family moved to the US. From the day I started following cricket, I hated team India for one simple reason. When they would beat Pakistan, they would celebrate and you could hear them curse not just Pakistan but Muslims at large. So I refused to support India and every neighbor of ours knew that I support Pakistan, a very stupid and dangerous thing to do now that I consider it in retrospect.

Now that I am older and in the US, the conditions in India have deteriorated beyond recognition to the point that false narratives are propagated on the news and in movies. Even Afghans who generally love India and hate Pakistan are now being repelled by movies like "Padmaavat", "Kesari", "Panipat", etc. But, I will keep the rest for later.

Good to be a part of this community. Hope to have fruitful discussions with you all.