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sialkot A list of Best colleges in Silakot

In which college you studied or studying?

  • Private sector

  • Govt secotr

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Sialkot has top-level colleges of arts to science and business to technical education.
Govt sector is increasing its departments and fields to educate people. And private sector also has a big competition to introduce new technologies and qualified staff.
Here are shortlisted names of colleges in private and govt sectors.

Punjab Groupe of Colleges
Khawaja Muhammad Safdar Medical College
Govt girls college
Standard College
Virtual University(online and regular)
Islam center teaching hospital
Superior College
Sialkot commerce college
Allama Iqbal Commerce college
Skans school of accountancy
Murrey College(mini-university)

Govt college Women University Sialkot(ex Govt college for women)
Govt. Nawaz Sharif Girls Degree College, Sialkot
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