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If you are a a student secondary school. And want to get an engineering degree in first hand. But you don't know which branch or type of engineering are offering all the universities and what is best for you. Then this article will help to know about all types and branches of engineering.
According to Wikipedia the major branches of engineering are these:-
  • chemical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • electrical engineering
But when we enter into the engineering world, we find that there are many other types exist which helps one choose his career or field of work he/she is going to do in the future. Here is a complete list of branches and types of engineering.
Nuclear Engineering:-
This engineering will employe with engineering colleges to control their radiation system or you can get a job at a nuclear radiation power plant.
biomedical Engineering:-
This degree provides a study to work on mechanism and chemistry. if you are interested to work on living thing organism and celled organisms and likes to work on microscopes then this is best for you.
Agriculture Engineering:-
This is not a well-known type but this engineering could employ you to designs and out the building of farms.
Mining engineering:-
this type promise you to work on safety concerns and designing the types of equipment of mins
Nuclear Engineering:-
This job provides you an opportunity to work in nuclear power plants or as a teacher in govt, universities or institutions.
Architecture Engineering/Civil Engineering:-
It is a major and most demanding degree to work in construction, structural, geotechnical, transportation and environmental.
Relates to civil engineering, architecture engineering promises to work as architecture privately or with big construction companies.
Computer Engineering:-
It is a very demanding engineering. It is all computers and technology-based, hard wear and soft wear work. Has its scoop to work for a firm or online as a freelancer.
Aerospace Engineering:-
Is related to Mechanical Engineering. It deals with aircraft and space and air-related aspects.
Mechanical Engineering:-
It is a type which covers designing, repairing and production of all types of electronics around us. It is a demanding field of engineering of all ages. And most people like to do this. But nowadays there is a tough competition to get a job.
Automotive Engineering:-
It is also related to mechanical engineering. It promises to get a job in all vehicles companies from big rigid to small motorcycles.
So this is a short complete introducts of all types and branches of engineering. So choose one of the best according to your mood and demamnd of the area where you want to work.
Ask any question if you have from my readers. And experineced people are invited here to share your personal experience and knowledge about the scoop of all typse and branches of engineering in Paksitan.

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This is what i was wondering for. You solved my problem. You had explained all the types of engineering which would help newcomers. Some filed is very new for them who are anxious to know all about engineering.
Do I want to ask if all these types are being taught in Pakistan too? If yes which university is best for doing Aerospace Engineering.