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A Cleaning Service Company in Pakistan

Life in the modern world has become busy than ever it was. People have hectic schedules with their jobs, family and managing time for social life. And the last thing anyone would want after a busy day is to clean home or office. Searching for maids, hiring, interviews, etc., are tiring and time-consuming tasks and still at the end we are not sure if they have such professional experience or if they can provide the cleaning service we desire. People always look for convenience. And that is why housekeeping and cleaning companies are in demand. Cleaning industry in Pakistan is emerging in the business field and it can be a reliable business for a good living in modern times.

You can make your cleaning services more approachable for your customers through online marketing and accessibility with your active customer care through a website. Also, you can offer one-time deep service, daily basis cleaning service or on a weekly basis or contract based services, variety also attracts more clients. While promotion and marketing, you can stress the on your background- checked & well-trained professional cleaning staff, commercial cleaning equipment and if you are using green cleaning and eco-friendly products and other specialties. That will help you stand out from others and also building your potential client’s interest and trust.

The Target Market

  • Residential sector- Your clients can be from residential and domestic sector like working women, for instance, usually, have trouble managing their time and cannot give enough attention and time for deep cleaning on daily basis. Others are older people who can’t manage cleaning chores on their own, students living in apartments are included but not limited areas for domestic cleaning services.
  • Commercial Sector- Commercial cleaning services are more in demand and the area is vast. Your clients can be doctors who want a cleaning service for clinics. Then there are fitness gyms, hospitals, schools, offices, corporate buildings, hotels, restaurants, etc. On the other hand, if you are starting the business on a small scale then large corporations should be avoided because it demands more crew in contrast to offices or house cleaning.
What you require for starting up a cleaning business?

  • Apart from the workforce, your equipment and cleaning supplies will include vacuum cleaners of good commercial-grade because one time investment is good rather than buying a cheap one or non-commercial that require more often replacement, floor buffers, rubber gloves (you’ve got to maintain standards!), mops, buckets, sponges and rags, squeegees, a whole lot of garbage bags and your effective & professional cleaning products. You'll need a means of reliable transport to cart everything around in.