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Information A Black year (english poetry)

A Black year
The world seems a hopeless land,
Looks like God has used its wand,
The Spell 'Crucio' has been applied,
Left Italy , America as null and void.
The feeling of despire is govering the world,
The cry of the Syrian boy to God had been heard,
He told that he would complain to God,
The malpractice and increase in fraud.

Let me take you one year back,
And let you know how this outbreak really hatch,
Wasn't that a gods boon,
The great Amazon forest home you burnt drum,
The cry of endemic species were not heard,
As the devil of selfish was ruling our heart,
O ! heart O ! lungs ,The lungs of the world
Destroyed by people who were nerd.
Hadn't the humanity died?
When lacks of Australian Koala cried,
The huge tuft of land turn into ash,
They cried for water not for cash,
The external beauty which we admire,
Has turned into a topic of satire,
When the early people had given up,
Then only God has spread his magical stuff
Although these events was somewhat naturally,
But what about condition of Iraq Iran and Syria wasn't it made manually?
As the relation of the people had been personified,
No one heard when lakhs of innocent people cried,
The terrorism has showed its real terror,
It was not there mistake but our faulty error,
It was difficult to differentiate between houses and graveyard,
No another horrible page for speaking added to the religious card.
After all this if you still aspect a piece of hope,
Then I am sorry but you have no future scope,
Your piece of hope would be shattered,
When you will see covid-19 scattered
Scattered like hell , It's not lame,
Believe me it catches everyone irrespective of their Fame,
Hah! all things gone now only social distancing left its phase,
Now all are waiting for the miraculous God's rays,
No one is poor no no one is rich
The biggest gap has somewhat stitch
At last confronting to my lover :- "Believe me my dear,
This 2020 is a black year!