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The desktop is being used in Almost every field and every age in Pakistan. But most people don't have much knowledge about some best Gadgets for desktops which could help them to make the use of computers more convenient. This was the thing I was also stuck. But some gadgets made it easy for me to work on the desktop. I thought to combine all the gadgets which are helping me to save my time. My work burden is also reduced now because of these useful gadgets.
  1. Apps launcher.Best to drag and drop your apps anywhere like the mobile launcher just a click away from your desktop.
  2. Stock meter
  3. Currency meter
  4. Stopwatch Gadget
  5. Digital Clock
  6. Magru-Notebookinfo2
  7. Unit converter Gadget
  8. Stream Portal
  9. 8 Gadget Pack
  10. Weather Bug
  11. Battery meter1.0
  12. Drives meter 2.2
  13. Network Meter
  14. All CPU Meter
  15. GPU Meter
  16. Xirrus wi-fi Monitor
  17. Speed test
  18. Drive activity
  19. World weather Orange
  20. Earthquake Meter
  21. Clipboard Manager
  22. The Magic folder
  23. Remote desktop
  24. System Control al gadget
  25. Control System
Add here more gadgets to help the community in finding easy and best gadgets for the desktop.
If you have any problem to understand the use of the gadgets mentioned above then leave a comment.