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    Criticize judgement not judges :Senate panel

    Keep courts open 24/7 for comman masses ; deliver justice , no blue eyed cases on a speedy train for trials . Justice should not only be delivered but also seen as delivered. Maintain impartiality. Accountability or criticism is of a persons based upon his judgements or decissions.
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    Pakistan, US holds the security talks ahead of FM Bilawal's visit..

    FM of? Which country? Pakistan or? Who force this Govt on Pakistan? Who made sure to give them total security within Pakistan & stop all institutions to act against them & even sold members? Oh Come on. This is 2022 not 90's anymore...
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    "Flawless Reputation",

    Homesick, ineligible, absconder, jailed, crazy, the one who has no seat in NA, who has back of flawed and flopped uncle will now decide who should and who should not be the chief? the hell is just happening? Now seriously feel for our dear nation...
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    Rule to spend a good life in DUNIA.

    اپنے سے اوپر والے کو دیکھو گے تو کبھی خوش نہیں رھو گے ھمیشہ اپنے سے نیچے والے کو دیکھو زندگی پر سکون گزرے گی
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    A Motivational Story

    Bht aala lkn kabhi kabhi insan toot k himmat har jata hai
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    Al-Jazeera journalist Shereen Abu Aqleh was shot and killed while covering an Israeli raid in the occupied West Bank town

    Hopefully, the West will exhibit the same outrage as they did against the Saudi regime when Jamal Khashoggi was killed in cold blood.
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    Pakistani currency hit a new all-time low of Rs190 against the US dollar

    Funny how now the N League supporters are blaming the previous government not realizing PRIs entire career went in to fix the damage N league caused in the first place . N league is ironically still trying to correct its own damage while supporters who frankly have zero actual power continue to...
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    history of Afghanistan?

    The birth of the nation of Afghanistan came in the 18th century and its father was Ahmad Shah Abdali. After the assassination of Nader Shah of the Afsharid Empire in 1747, Ahmad Shah Abdali rushed to confirm the death of his emperor. After seeing Nader Shah’s body, Ahmad Shah took the Koh-i-Noor...
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    why it is so important to improve grow and develop being a person?

    The world is always moving forward, which means if you stay still, you are being left behind.
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    Don't Drag Army into Politics

    "Some political leaders are talking about the top leadership of the Armed forces directly and indirectly. Such inauthentic provocative statements are extremely harmful", stated ISPR. For Details: https://pakistanfrontier.com/.../dont-drag-army-into.../
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    7 Tips To Improve Personality

    Good initiative... There are very much less these type of content creator
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    7 Tips To Improve Personality

    Wonderful may God bless you sir you sported us thank you by God grace this your great victory
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    GAT test guidance

    Watch GAT lecture on YouTube
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    چالان سلپ/ فارم گم ہو گیا ہے؟؟؟

    پریشان نہ ہوں ابھی اس کا حل نکال لیتے ہیں. کمیشن کی ویب سائٹ پر جائیں. چالان فارم دوبارہ ڈاون لوڈ کریں. اور اسے فل کریں. رولنمبر سلپ کے اوپر آپ کا کیس نمبر لکھا ہوگا. وہاں سے دیکھ کر لکھ لیں. اور جس بینک میں پہلے فیس جمع کروائی تھی دوبارہ اسی بینک میں جا کر بینک مینیجر یا متعلقہ عملے سے ملیں اور...
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    *نسخہ یرقان*

    yes, it is very effective remedy....
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    Why is personal development needed?

    very well done ,keep it up....
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    What is Précis Writing?

    Pick up the thought from passage and write it in your own words in least possible words in one paragraph... Usually one third of original passage