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    بہت ہی سرد ہے موسم

    اداس راتوں میں تیز کافی کی تلخیوں میں وہ کچھ زیادہ ہی یاد آتا ہے سردیوں میں
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    نئے سال کے خواب

    پچھلا وقت گُذر گیا، بھول جاؤ اب اس نئے سال کو، گلے لگاؤ چلو، ہم خُدا کے سامنے جھُک جائیں نئے سال کے خواب پُورے ہو جائیں
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    new year poetry

    Log Naye Saal Mein Bahut Kuch Naya Maange Ge Lekin, Mujhe Wohi Purana Tumhara Sath Chaiye
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    Shalimar Gardens

    Famously known as the city of gardens and ancient history, Lahore contains many historical monuments and parks for tourists. These gardens are also part of the Mughal Era in the subcontinent. The park was built was Emperor Shah Jahan who was quite attached to nature and its beauty.
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    قصہ محّبت

    نہ چھیڑ قصہ محبت بڑی لمبی کہانی ہے میں زمانے سے نہیں ہارا بس کسی کی بات مانی ہے
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    Please guide importance of water in human body

    Water regulates your body temperature. Water protects and cushions vital organs. Water cushions joints. Water helps to convert food into energy. Water helps your body absorb nutrients. Water removes waste.
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    Study online

    Hello guyz! As you know with the reason of coronavirus all the schools and colleges are closed. During this panedamic situation study is difficult. But online education is a good thing. In this situation online education is very beneficial, we can easily find pakistan's educational websites and...
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    baat karnī mujhe mushkil kabhī aisī to na thī

    baat karnī mujhe mushkil kabhī aisī to na thī jaisī ab hai tirī mahfil kabhī aisī to na thī le gayā chhīn ke kaun aaj tirā sabr o qarār be-qarārī tujhe ai dil kabhī aisī to na thī us kī āñkhoñ ne ḳhudā jaane kiyā kyā jaadū ki tabī.at mirī maa.il kabhī aisī to na thī aks-e-ruḳhsār ne...
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    Today's Quote

    Jealousy is a destructive emotion. Its also a symptom that you’re not living your life to the fullest – people who are fulfilled can celebrate other people’s success. People who aren’t fulfilled fill up their emotional void through negative emotions.
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    Dil shayari

    اور کیا دیکھنے کو باقی ہے " "آپ سے دل لگا کے دیکھ لیا
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    Five key strategies for exams

    There are a number of ways you can find or create practice questions: Answer chapter review questions in your textbook Turn the headings in your readings and lecture notes into questions Use questions from the textbook study guide or web site Participate in a study group and ask each other...
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    Question What is the difference between while and when?

    Both while and when are used when two things happen at the same time, but we tend to use while with two continuous actions and when with two single actions.
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    Some tips to start a career

    1. Analyze yourself I’ve never met a successful person who did not build a career on their strengths. It simply does not exist. No one can perform well by doing something they are bad at. Sure, you can improve your weaknesses. But it’s not an effective strategy. Like Peter Drucker says in...
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    کیسا یہ افسا نہ ھے

    کیسا یہ افسانہ ھے دشمن میرا زمانہ ھے جو بھی اپنا سمجھتی ھوں بن جاتا بیگانہ ھے جس سے کر سکوں گلہ وہ تو قدرت سے نہ ملا دنیا سے تعلق اب ختم رشک گل اب قلم ھی تیرا آشیانہ ھے
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    Mirza Ghlib Poetry(میں مجبور اپنی عادت سے ، وہ مشهور اپنی رحمت سے.)

    ham ko ma.alūm hai jannat kī haqīqat lekin dil ke ḳhush rakhne ko 'ġhālib' ye ḳhayāl achchhā hai
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    Positive quote

    “You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”
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    What is a suggestion for a mobile phone

    My budget is under 20k.