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    Tafseer Quran

    DO you mean mobile application?
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    Hajira Khalid Sair

    @AITESAM Welcome to Pakistan forums but You can introduce your self by starting your own thread
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    Thank you for being a valuable member of our community, You might notice we have few members at...

    Thank you for being a valuable member of our community, You might notice we have few members at the moment, But we are working hard to make this one of the best online communities in Pakistan
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    I am Dr Anam

    Welcome to Pakistan-forums Dr Anam. We have a dedicated forum for Doctors and medical students, You are encouraged to write some informative content in that forum. https://www.pakistan-forums.com/forums/pakistan-doctors-discussion/
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    Hajira Khalid Sair

    Wa alikum asalam Welcome to Pakistan-forums @Hajira .i hope you will have great time here. We are working hard to make this place safe and informative. If you find anything annoying make sure to report that with report button below the threads and posts. Also your suggestions are welcomed...
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    Welcome to Pakistan-forums.com @Munazza
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    Welcome to Pakistan-forums.com --- you can introduce yourself with fellow memebers in this forum...

    Welcome to Pakistan-forums.com --- you can introduce yourself with fellow memebers in this forum https://www.pakistan-forums.com/forums/introduce-yourself.88/
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    hello @Faizan Alam I have noticed alot of links and references from your side that are going...

    hello @Faizan Alam I have noticed alot of links and references from your side that are going to goto website. Your account is under observation. and we have already sent you 2 warnings. If you continue to do so, we will ban you
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    I am Rabiya Abid, moderator of this Forum

    @kamranofficial Your posts are approved, Generally we do not allow people to add external links for marketing purposes, We always approve the authentic links. So your post is approved
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    I am kamran shehzad .

    @kamranofficial Welcome to Pakistan-forums.com. I hope you will have a great time at this forum? Also let us know what do you do? Please make sure to read these rules also: https://www.pakistan-forums.com/threads/rules-for-all-the-members-of-pakistan-forums.185/
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    Where can we start discussions related to islam and Urdu?

    @fatima khan What updates are you waiting for? :) We have new amazing design, and more content then before, with new things to be added very soon
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    Hello Shaees, Welcome to Pakistan-forums. The forum discussions are simple yet powerful way to share your ideas or ask others for information. You can go through different sub forums and the topics. You can also start your own thread if you want to get information related to your profession...
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    Hey... It's me!!!

    Hello @Abdur-Rehman Qadeer , Welcome to Pakistan-forums. You will enjoy the discussions here and the best things about forums like this is, You own the threads and posts that you get for long and intetresting discussions. Yes and you can add more information about yourself also, so that...
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    Anabia Arshad

    Hello Anabia I would like to welcome you at Pakistan-forums.com. We are adding more and more topics in this forum daily, Since it is very hard to manage the spam that people post, We are in process of adding more topics and authentic members so stay tuned. I hope you will enjoy the discussions...
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    Inamullah Ansari

    Welcome to Pakistan forums. Enjoy the discussions and help others with your experience. Also please do not forget to read these rules https://www.pakistan-forums.com/threads/rules-for-all-the-members-of-pakistan-forums.185/
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    What is difference between Islam and other religions

    What is difference between islam and other religions. here i am sharing complete lecture of Dr Zakir Naik that he delivered in Malaysia.
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    Story of Hazrat Abdul-Rehman bin auf (RA) -- The richest sahabas

    Abdur-Rahman ibn Awf was born around 580 CE and lived for about 75 years. He was born into a family in the Banu Zuhura clan, part of the tribe of Quraish. The mother of Prophet Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of Allah be upon him, Aminah, was also from this clan thus genealogists tell us...
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    India Pakistan War and Ahadees about Ghazwa-e-hind

    Here are some authentic ahadiths relating to Ghazwa-e-hind . Looking at the current situation of Pakistan and India, most of the scholars are refering this tension as the stating of Ghazwa-e-Hind. Lets see what our Islam has to say about Ghazwa-e-Hind. The first ‘hadith’- regarding Ghazwa e...
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    Online book stores in Pakistan.

    @Ali Murtaza to start an online book store first of all you need an online store where you can display the products, in your case books. That store can be created by the web developers who would charge you somewhere between 10000 pkr to 20000 pkr depending upon which platform you choose...
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    NAS Gas Home Appliances

    Hello Nayyar, thanks for sharing your experience with us, our main purpose of creating this forum related to online shoping was to expose such things and frauds. Most of the distributors and private companies sell the proeducts with big promisies, but they actually do not fulfill them.