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    Teachers, professors, and educators Forum

    Teachers, professors, and educators Forum, what are the potentials of online educator communities? Teachers Forum allow educational professionals to be connected “anywhere, anytime”. It offers great potentials to the educators, in helping them to create, maintain and engage in networks of...
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    Forum for College Students

    Pakistan Forums provides a platform to college students for online discussions, sharing and communicating their ideas, issues and interacting with other college students. Technology has aided many areas and the academic area is one of them. It depends on students how they use it for gaining...
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    Engineers Forum

    Engineers Forums lets you connect with engineers in similar industries, locations or positions. Nowadays, online communities are more considered source to interact with people who belong to the same profession. They offer unprecedented opportunities to communicate and connect to peers, stay...
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    Political Discussions

    Political Forums create a sense of community among the people can raise their concerns directly, engage in conversations with other members, share information and opinions. In a democratic environment and country, people are free to share their views and raise their issues and voices on the...
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    Current Affairs

    Current affairs refer to the important vents, incidents, and events that have occurred or are happening around the world and also holds social importance. It may comprise of information, news, awareness, and comprehension of all the major incidents happening around the world. It is not confined...
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    International Politics

    International Politics Forum Pakistan Forums seeks to educate and engage our community on global issues and therefore, provides International Politics forum as a platform to encourage a more complete understanding of the world's opinions on international relations geography, history, and...
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    Ahadees And Explanations

    Ahadees and Explanations Pakistan Forums provides Ahadees and explanations Forum where you can read and share authentic Ahadees and explanations as well. Hadith (the sayings of Prophet (saww), in practical terms, explains, clarifies, and paraphrases the Quran. Ahadees are central to a proper...
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    Tafseer Quran

    You can share authentic information and write Tafseer of Quranic Verses on Pakistan Forums. It will help the community because seeking and teaching knowledge to others is highly recommended in Islam and considered as one of the good acts of worship that a true Muslim can do. What is the need of...
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    Doctors Forum

    Online Doctors forums have become integral to advancing medical education along with facilitating cultural evolution within the profession. Dr. Kathryn Hughes, MD, an acute care surgeon at Falmouth Hospital says that the reach of online Doctors forums in the medical community is global, broad...
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    Ask for business information

    Ask for business information Pakistan forums provides the entrepreneurs and business owners a network of like-minded professionals. Whether you are an entrepreneur starting a new business or growing it into the next stage, it is good to have a forum discussion on related issues, risks and find...
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    Businessmen Forum

    The purpose of this businessmen forum is to bring Pakistani business leaders, media, chambers of commerce, social organizations, and associations on an online discussion board where they can share their knowledge, opinions, issues, and ideas with their peers. The reasons to join...
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    Exporting from Pakistan

    Exporting from Pakistan Pakistan Forums provides a platform for exporters in Pakistan which deals in discussions related to Elements of Export Success, discussions & suggestions about starting an Export Business, International Trade, Export Procedures, Export Trends, Sample Documents, Forms...
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    Importing In Pakistan

    The trade business is heating up and so is the importing in Pakistan. There are massive trade deals and markets looming, blooming and emerging. Also, there is also an increased demand in the service industry. global trade industry is growing according to the statistics. Which provides more...
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    Business Success Stories

    Pakistan Forums gives you a platform to share business success stories. These success stories are about the entrepreneurs who started businesses with low budgets or investments, people who had little resources with bigger issues. Their remarkable struggles not only deserve to be shared but also...
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    Share a Business Idea

    Share and Find new business ideas It all starts with an idea. Every mind is unique and so are the ideas. Pakistan Forums provides you a platform to share business ideas in Pakistan and with the world. We have provided this platform knowing that there is a never-ending list of new ideas for new...
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    I'm not depressed

    Your writing shows how optimistic you are! All we have to do is to look at things from the brighter side. Then even the hardships will look like a ladder to success!
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    The Forty rules of Love?
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    The Enchanted Rose

    AOA Members! I have written a poem and through this platform, I can share it with the scholars, literature & poetry lovers. So, I would love to have your positive criticism and suggestion because it is my first attempt and may or may not be good. Here we go! THE ENCHANTED ROSE Imperious and...
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    Best Contemporary Inspirational Books you must read

    Inspirational books are meant to uplift as well as entertain. These books do not just require a positive character but the ability to inspire and encourage the readers. The protagonist overcomes adversity or reaches new and high level of understanding within the story that inspires the reader to...
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    Islam says that do not interfere in the matters which don't concern you

    On the authority of Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) who said: The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: "Part of the perfection of one's Islam is his leaving that which does not concern him." [Tirmidhi] The most overlooked aspect of completing and perfecting our practice...