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    W.s Welcome to Pakistan forums

    W.s Welcome to Pakistan forums
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    Orient Pakistan Garbage Company and Garbage Products.

    In my opinion Dawlance Ac's/Inverters are good and price tag is also good. No issue in last 2 years,
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    A.O.A Everyone

    Welcome @Ibne Musa
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    میرے بادام مک گئے نے

    Badam mil jain gy ap achi posts per mehnat karo
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    link share

    No you cannot you will be banned
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    Welcome to Pakistan-forums @Fakhre Alam Khattak
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    not from here :) we do not allow links

    not from here :) we do not allow links
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    I am Poetess

    Make sure to read these rules, if you break them we will block you https://www.pakistan-forums.com/threads/rules-for-all-the-members-of-pakistan-forums.185/
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    I am Poetess

    Hello Noor, Welcome to the forum, you can share your poetries in this section. and infact you are encouraged to add content and share with your followers https://www.pakistan-forums.com/forums/urdu-poetry-Pakistan/
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    Hola ! Greetings

    Hi Rafael, You can post your questions here, instead of private conversation for the benefit of others.
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    you cannot promote your apps and websites here, unless someone likes to know about that.
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    How many post are required to make a post helpful?

    Yes you can, we will check the quality of that
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    Question Engineering jobs in Pakistan.

    HI Zach, What would you like to discuss? I can create a new one for you if you have contents/tips to share
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    Hi zernish Welcome to Pakistan forums. Introduce yoruslef here...

    Hi zernish Welcome to Pakistan forums. Introduce yoruslef here https://www.pakistan-forums.com/forums/introduce-yourself.88/
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    A Warm Salaam from this Afghan

    Wa Alikum Asalam Welcome to the forum brother.
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    Blasphemy of our holy Quran in norway

    Non Muslims are afraid of growing number of Muslims and how the religion is spreading all over the world. They do such acts to satisfy themselves. Muslims on the other hand are not aware of the teachings of Holy Quran and life of our Beloved Holy Prophet(PBUH). Out duty is to get back to Quran...
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    How many post are required to make a post helpful?

    Hello @adnan We do not allow sharing external content on this forum. We only approve authentic and unique content. If we think you are adding posts for backlinks we immediately remove that
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    How i can pass my physics paper for Gujranwala board exam?

    Hello @mehreensaeed Welcome to the forums. You can introduce yourself here https://www.pakistan-forums.com/forums/introduce-yourself.88/. I would say be confident and just think about that as just another EXAM. Its not difficult, But students often get confused by overthinking. Get plenty...