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    Please guide Ways to improve your mind power

    By waking up a little mind, how to attract anything you want! Is it a magic to be a magic? That's how many people think. I'll tell you an example first. There you have an exam. Let's think a. Man. It is called the high level. Here you have 2 years for the promotion. You don't go to school...
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    Information sad poetry

    Mouth is bleeding Body's shivering Dump in the ground Tears are falling "Please! Stop!" Now, she's begging. Fall in the deaf ears, words are banging. "Tell or Kill" Firm on threatening Weak and crying Can't do anything Shout's are echoing But none is listening.
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    Question What materials needed when removing ic in phone?

    Hot air gun, solder, iron,paste Most important ur experience
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    Question Age of the lion is determined through?

    Age of the lion is determined through?
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    Information motivational quotes

    "Work in silence and let SUCCESS make the noise"
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    Question which brands of phone will u recommend for someone interested in phone business?

    As an Experience cellular phone Technician, which brands of phone will u recommend for someone interested in phone business?
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    Question A Cholistani Cow

    Circling from last two days -Anorexic -Only water intake -Eyes bulging out -Faeces & urination till normal -Temperature 101.4 -Cow is not in its proper senses -3 months pregnant -Sometime staggering gate Treatment done: Deworming with Primisole Enrofloxacin Need your expert opinion please Vet Doct.
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    Question I am a good guy but many people hate me why?

    Maybe u at just too nice and also too caring Make them miss you, it is the right time begin on self-improvement. Develop your skills, talents the way u want without other people's influence May only if they are coaches. They begin taking u seriously
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    س کا مطلب بات نہیں ہو گیI

    آج کل تو کم ازکم پھر بات نہیں ہو گی:D:D
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    how will i start changing my lifestyle?

    If you’re aware of that then you have to prioritize