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    Question which drugs can I give my cattle ( cow) to look fresh and healthy ?

    Deworm , and inject super ,,,,,, ,meal And regular control of parasitesq
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    Question Wich drugs can I use to treat peast the petast ruminating?

    Only symptomatic treatment.... Viral disease. Not specific treatment Mostly we give antibiotics to prevent secondary bacterial infection as immune system is down.... Also give treatment according to symptoms......
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    What is total secret agencies of pakistan ?

    Mycology is the study of? A.Algea B.Fungi C.Monocots D.Dicots Answer: Fungi
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    Question how to achieve your dreams?

    Got everything I made my obsession The math questions were beyond my comprehension ... I made it my obsession ... Then the nights became the name of mathematics ... And finally the math was understood ... I was shy in front of people, I used to hesitate when taking the initiative in greeting...
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    Question my calf eyes red and also weeping....any treatment?

    Khuch nai broo .. Not serious problem okay ... This is only prolapse ..use just Gentamycin 1ml + isoflud or prednisolone 1 ml - intra subconjuctivial nd inj.Vit-A(plane) 5 ml intra muscular nd Gentalab eye drops that's it two injections most give for 5 days ... don't worry bro ..
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    Question How do I manage time to read thousands of books?

    How do I manage time to read thousands of books because I love reading but always failed to find time for books..!!
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    Question Is the first milk realese from mother after birth

    No it's essential for baby immunity. Should be feeded as early as possible after birth. it also helps to expel meconium. That milk is called colostrum
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    Question what is the best treatment for sinusitis

    Please what is the best treatment for sinusitis. Thanks a I await your response